Hello. my name is Dani and I will be your Moderator for this forum.

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Hello. my name is Dani and I will be your Moderator for this forum.

Post  Dani on Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:39 am

Welcome to this forum which is designed to allow all of those working within Central West London Community Services to shape and expand the services we provide to our local communities

My name is Dani and I am your Forum Moderator, as well as the Interim Lead for Communications for CWLCS.

My role as Moderator is to help you get this forum started, to facilitate your early discussions and to explain in the process how to post information on here, to change the look and feel of the forum to what you want to see, and to explain the rules that apply to forums such as this world-wide ... known as netiquette.

I have created a section in the forum where you can ask me questions at any time and I will visit the forum several times each day to respond.

If there is one message I can give you now, it is this:


You see the organisations that get the most benefit out of forums such as this do so because people enjoy going onto them to socialise ... and they just happen to solve the problems of the world whilst they are at it!


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