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Weekly Wave 9th - 13th March 2009 Empty Weekly Wave 9th - 13th March 2009

Post  Dani on Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:42 am

CWLCS Single Hosting Arrangements
Claire Holloway, Managing Director CWLCS

Work is underway to prepare for hosting of Central West London Community Services (CWLCS) by a single PCT. NHS Kensington and Chelsea’s Board has now discussed the potential of hosting the Provider Alliance and is exploring, with the other PCTs and the Alliance, how governance arrangements for the Provider Alliance would work.

We need to ensure that the Provider can stand alone as a ‘business ready’ organisation and that the risks associated with hosting it are identified and managed. A paper will go to all three March Board meetings outlining the governance and financial arrangements which will enable Kensington and Chelsea to take on the role of host to the Alliance. Provider staff will TUPE during the course of 2009/10 to the Host PCT.

CWLCS Annual Plan Approved
Jane Clegg – Director of Services, Kensington and Chelsea

The CWLCS Annual Plan was submitted to NHS London in January. This was followed up by a ‘challenge session’ with Provider Alliance staff earlier this month when members of the Alliance Executive Management Team (AEMT) were grilled on its content and our plans for the coming year. The session went well and we were congratulated on the plan. We have submitted a final version to NHS London, revised to reflect their comments. We will hopefully get APO status.

Workforce Performance Report
Mark Hirst Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development

Attached is the first comparison of key Workforce Performance Indicators (KPIs) across CWLCS.
A key objective for 09/10 will be to address high vacancy levels.
The JPC has set the following targets for workforce.
- reduce vacancy rate to 10%
- reduce turnover rate to 15%
- reduce sickness rate to 3.8%
- all staff to have been appraised and have PDP by October 2009
- all staff to attend annual refresher mandatory training in year.

Consultation on proposals to change staff structure

As the Strengthening Commissioning and Provider Alliance programmes move ahead, there will be proposals to alter some of the staff structures to reflect the changes being made across the three PCTs. As soon as these proposals are agreed they will be going out for staff consultation in April.

Corporate Services

Work continues to develop proposals for CWLCS's future corporate services infrastructure - i.e. for Clinical Governance, Corporate Governance, Communications, Finance & Performance, Infection Control, Informatics, Human Resources, Learning & Development, Safeguarding and the Strategy & Business Unit.
In the meantime we are working with commissioners to identify how corporate staff split their time between commissioning and provider work currently. We anticipate consulting with corporate staff about the proposed structures and with individuals about their likely TUPE destination based on their current working patterns in April.

We have recruited interim leads for Provider Communications, Clinical Governance, Corporate Governance and Informatics to support the management team to mobilise our plans for these functions.

CWLCS Communications
Danielle Neal, Acting Head of Communications

At the beginning of April we will be launching the new branding and visual identity for CWCLS.
As part of the rebranding we will be identifying and reviewing existing patient information material and moving them across onto new CWLCS leaflets, posters and flyers.

If you’ve recently spent time and money printing new leaflets, don’t worry, we will use up existing printed stocks first. The aim is to have an electronic version of each leaflet ready to print when they have run out, and to have the new leaflet on the CWLCS website and intranet for service users to download and print themselves where appropriate.

Where appropriate we will be avoiding duplication of leaflets – this means that where there are essentially identical leaflets used by Provider Arms in different boroughs we will merge them, but they will still clearly signpost where your service users need to go/who to contact.

The cost of creating the new leaflets for each team will come out of a central, one-off budget.
Please keep an eye out for emails from me over coming weeks asking you to identify/confirm what leaflets your team uses or will need created.

You can email me on danielle.neal@kc-pct.nhs.uk if you have any questions or suggestions.

You Tell Us

Thank you to all the Provider staff at NHS Kensington and Chelsea for their work in making last week’s You Tell Us patient and client survey such a success.

We look forward in sharing the findings of the survey later in the year.
Next week, 2-9 March, is You Tell Us week in Kensington and Chelsea.

Ask Your Patient Week in Hammersmith and Fulham
Judith Barlow, Director of Services, Hammersmith and Fulham

In November last year Hammersmith and Fulham’s community services conducted their own patient survey week for the second year and the results are in.
701 patients and carers responded, with 93% rating services as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.
There were five areas of questions Access and Waiting; Safe, High Quality, Co-ordinated Care; Building Closer Relationships; Better Information, More Choice, and Clean, Comfortable, Friendly Place to be.

There is action plan from the report that describes how we can improve services responsiveness to patients. These include better information about community services and better access to interpreting services.

Please watch this space for how teams will be involved in future surveys
The responses of all the questions have been collated into a report which is available on request from Judith Barlow, the NHS H&F Director of Services or from Penny Lacey, the Service Redesign Manager for H&F.

Finally, a big thank you goes out to NHS Hammersmith and Fulham staff for all their hard work in making the week a success!

Hospital @ Home
Judith Barlow, Director of Services, Hammersmith and Fulham

The proposed H@H Service in Hammersmith and Fulham is a multi-disciplinary service providing tailored clinical and social care support at home based on an assessment of each patient’s care needs.

The first phase of the Service will be launched on the 23rd of February 2009. The development of the H@H service is aligned to NHS service strategy at a national
and local level specifically with the intention of delivering more care closer to home.

A robust data analysis using local and nationally benchmarked data has been
undertaken that demonstrates significant savings can be made by avoiding
unnecessary attendances at A&E and the consequential avoidable admissions.

Talking Clinical Business

“Talking Clinical Business”… is about how you get staff to see that things have changed, we have changed. It’s not just about delivering good care now, it’s also making sure that what we do is wanted, is appropriate, is supported by good clinical governance, is cost-effective, is world class, and all of those sorts of things” (Keith Stone, Director of Director of Clinical Leadership, Governance, Quality & IM&T (December 2008).

So far two clinical forums have taken place, involving more than 50 staff. These are rare spaces to share experiences of everyday practice, and we are finding that this reveals opportunities to work together and overcome barriers. People also expressed a desire to work out how good working practices and present and future projects fit together across the Alliance.

"…part of the power and the value of this is the thinking that “Oh, so & so would be interested in this”. We need to make sure they are connected in to discussions, even if they weren’t able to be here. It's about using the intelligence and the knowledge across the Alliance of who the people are that are particularly concerned, for example, with end-of-life care… That is a more realistic expectation of people, saying "Okay, I’ll take responsibility for making sure so & so is brought up to speed with the nature of the conversations we have been having and then being part of the work stream forward."” (Rob Spence, Speech and Language Therapy Services Manager February 2009).

If you are interested in joining a forum or would like to receive more information please contact Penny.Lacey@hf-pct.nhs.uk 020 8846 6766.

The next forum will take place on the March 24th 2009 at the School of Economic Science 2-5pm (lunch will be provided from 1pm). The focus areas are currently "end-of-life care", "single point of access" and a new group initiated by Rob Spence “developing quality metrics” (target audience Service Leads).
We are hoping that those of you who have already contributed will be able to join the next session. In the meantime we will be following up with some of you to explore what has happened since the last forum.
School of Economic Science in Marylebone High Street (about 300 yards south of Marylebone Road just a bit further south than Tesco and Waitrose and north of Wigmore Street). Nearest tube station is Bond Street, but it's within walking distance of Baker Street or Regents Park stations. http://www.schooleconomicscience.org/

Address: 11 Mandeville Place, London, W1U 3AJ

Productive Community Services

Hammersmith and Fulham has just completed their 3rd week working on the Productive Community Services (PCS) project and are making good progress in assisting NHSII in developing a toolkit that will be used nationally to improve the efficiency in community district nursing teams and the job satisfaction of community nurses everywhere!

The PCS project uses an eight-week model that has been provided by the NHSII. The diagram of the model is attached to this email so that you can follow us through the process to develop and test a pilot!
In week three, we are in the “Assess” phase of the Well-Organised Work Environment, the H&F PCS team have been assessing what the current work environment is and visiting other areas (e.g. the local fire station) to find best examples of well-organised work environments and to gain ideas of how we can better organise our own working environments.

Next week, the PCS team start the “Diagnose” phase where they will design a pilot to be tested. So, be on the look out for Marva, Perpetual & Orla, are working on capturing this part the process as we go along and watch this space for further updates!

Brigit Castle

Getting to know you

Each week we will be profiling a different member of the CWLCS team. This week, let’s say hello to our Chairman, Andrew Duguid.

“I’m excited about what I believe our new organisation can achieve as an increasingly independent body within the NHS. We have the people, the skills and the experience to create the very best community service in London, and that should be our aim. That should mean we provide an opportunity to every member of staff to enjoy playing your part in providing excellent care, and developing your own potential. I look forward to working with you all.

A little background: my wife and I have lived in West London since our student days. I was at the London School of Economics, Janet became a special needs teacher at a local school. Our three grown-up children and two grandsons live here too. We have a strong interest in all kinds of local healthcare for our family and neighbours, and for all parts of the wider community.

I have been a non-executive director of NHS Hammersmith & Fulham for over three years and look forward to another four. Before that I have worked in both the public and private sectors in a variety of roles – policy-making, strategy, marketing and administration. I hope that what I’ve learned can be put to good use in serving our organisation.”


But I don’t speak NHS!

Sometimes it can feel as if everyone is speaking a completely different language in the NHS. But never fear - the Jargon Buster is here! Each week we will be taking a look some of the latest acronyms and buzzwords we are using in the Provider Alliance. When we have our own CWLCS website we will be creating an online dictionary for staff and our patients and members of the public to use.
If you would like to have a term or acronym explained, then email danielle.neal@kc-pct.nhs.uk and we will give you the answer in the next issue of Weekly Wave.
AEMT (Alliance Executive Management Team) – This is the team that manages the day-to-day running of CWLCS.
JPC – Joint Provider Committee – the JPC is made up of directors and non-executive directors (NEDs) who are responsible for the major decisions affecting CWLCS.
For more definitions then use the handy Jargon Buster put together by the Information Centre for Health and Social Care - www.ic.nhs.uk/jargon-buster

Dates for your Diaries

Diabetes Master Class

The Westminster Diabetes Partnership is holding a Master class on Wednesday 26th March. I have attached the programme and application form. We would very much like to open this event to all our colleagues within CWLCS.
Please see the attached application form for details.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.

Janet Ridout, Lead Diabetes Specialist Nurse
Westminster Diabetes Centre
Direct line: 020 7316 1214

Transforming Community Services Road Show

NHS London is currently organising a Transforming Community Services Road Show Event for London in collaboration with the DH, following the National Launch held on the 13th January 2009, which will mainly be aimed at front line staff in Community Services.

This will take place on Friday 3rd April 2009 (9-5pm) with the venue likely to be the Royal Overseas League, Over-Seas House, Park Place, St James’s Street, London SW1A 1LR; there will be a ‘Key Note Address’ by Bob Ricketts with other DH staff providing workshop sessions on various aspects of the Transforming Community Services programme.

NHS London will be sending out Registration Form as well as an Agenda shortly, but in the meantime please save this date in your diaries!

This week’s Safety Alerts

MDA-2009-014Unistat L Floor Stand For Diagnostic X-Ray And Superficial X-Ray Therapy Systems. Manufactured By Mecall Srl. <https://www.cas.dh.gov.uk/Home.aspx>

MDA-2009-014 All Action 2000 Manual Wheelchairs Manufactured By Invacare With serial numbers 700753957 To 77008568013 <https://www.cas.dh.gov.uk/Home.aspx>

EL (09)/A06 Novartis Vaccines And Diagnosis S.R.L Menjugate Kit Batches 23501a And 236011 <https://www.cas.dh.gov.uk/Home.aspx>


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