The first thing to do on joining this forum

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The first thing to do on joining this forum Empty The first thing to do on joining this forum

Post  Admin on Fri Jan 23, 2009 10:06 am

If this is your first visit to the forum, then this section has some helpful tips on how to use it

The first thing we ask is that you go onto the Forum participants section and post a new topic. The subject is YOU. Introduce yourself and you can even add a picture and include your photo.

To change your profile, go to profile near the top of the screen and this allows you several options.

Signature is how you attach a comment to your name that will appear at the bottom of every message you post, and your avatar is a picture, image or emblem by which you will be recognised on this forum - it helps personalise the forum.

I have included an Introduction from me as an example - and yes it is embarassing but it genuinely helps other people to become actively involved if they see others also willing to be open on this forum

Once you have introduced yourself, then start browsing the forum or adding your own topics and replies. And if you run into any difficulties, visit the Questions for the Moderator section and I will answer any queries you have within 24 hours.

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