How to add images into a post or onto your avatar

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How to add images into a post or onto your avatar

Post  Admin on Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:36 am

There are two main ways of being able to add an image

Adding it to a post requires you to use the add or the host image icons - the add image is easier

Your image will need to be in URL format ie you will have to have already uploaded it onto a web site such as facebook etc. You right click on the image, go to properties, copy the URL code in properties (its the long one that ends .jpg) and paste it into the pull down box that comes onto the screen when you click on the add image icon

You can also add a picture as an avatar either using the same procedure as above to put the URL code into the appropriate box (called URL) or by clicking on browse and uploading a picture from your PC.

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