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Voting - how to use it Empty Voting - how to use it

Post  Admin on Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:31 am

One of the many features of this forum is the ability to hold a vote on issues where it is helpful to see if there is already a consensus of opnion, to obtain feedback, or where there are a range of options and one wishes to guage the most popular.

When posting to this forum, immediately beneath the question where you are given the option of saving or previewing is a poll section.

It is pretty self explanatory but here are a few tips

There are two types of poll, a poll where you can only select one answer out of two or many, or a poll where you can select more than one answer

For example:

You type in the quesiton as the subject: Do I eat fish?

You can then type the options (hit the return bar between each): Yes, No or sometimes

If you select mulitiple poll as an option, it will allow you to vote yes, no and sometimes. If you dont click on that option, you can only select one of yes, no or sometimes.

It is always worth clicking vote cancelling as an option. Most participants on the forum will comment when they vote and sometimes those comments will result in people changing their minds and their vote. Vote cancelling allows someone to change their vote.

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