What services does CWLCS provide?

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What services does CWLCS provide? Empty What services does CWLCS provide?

Post  Dani on Mon Mar 16, 2009 6:18 am

Between the three Provider Services units, there are a more than 60 services provided. These are largely the same in each Borough, although at each end of the scale there are some differences; i.e some smaller services are provided in single Borough areas (haemaglobinopathy nurse specialist, stoma nurse specialist) whilst some services are hosted by one Borough Provider to the others (palliative care, sexual health & contraceptive services). The full range of services are grouped below:

Adult community nursing services – including 24 hour district nursing, community matrons and case management
Child and family services - including health visiting, school nursing, children’s community nursing teams, speech and language therapy, haemaglobinopathy nursing and children’s occupational therapy
Rehabilitation and therapies – including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatry, speech and language therapy, osteopathy
Palliative care services
Offender health services
Continuing care services

Specialist services – including elements of long term condition management (diabetes, COPD, tissue viability, continence), phlebotomy, community dental services, diabetic retinal screening, sexual health & contraceptive services
Walk-in and minor injury services
PMS and GwSI
- dermatology and musculo-skeletal

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